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World Restart a Heart Day 2022

26 November 2022

In 2022 we focused on the role of bystanders and the importance of their response when someone is in cardiac arrest. In Aotearoa bystanders respond in 75% of cardiac arrests, these people may be colleagues, team mates, friends, family or even strangers. In 2022 we spoke to 4 groups about their incredible response when faced with a medical emergency. #WorldRestartaHeart #IknowCPR


"I know I did everything I could because I was trained."



Geoff’s story did not end how anyone expected.

Ella along with her parents Geoff and Alison were travelling around the Nelson area in October 2020.

Ella remembers looking at her Dad who was leaning over strangely and had sat down on the wooden railing.

Her Dad Geoff suddenly collapsed.

Almost two years on, Ella has chosen to share her experience as part of the World Restart a Heart campaign, with the hope people reading will become trained in CPR so you never have to face the possibility of being a bystander who doesn’t know how to respond.

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Tennis players rally to save woman's life


When Registered Nurse Jane Brunton was playing tennis on a hot Waikato summer morning she didn’t expect the woman serving opposite her to collapse.

Jane initially thought that the woman was suffering from heat stroke, as they had been playing three hours of interclub games in 30C temperatures.

Jane and her teammates had considered ending the game earlier because of the heat.


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“You don’t think you’ll need it until one day you do - get the training before you need to use it"



Neil has often been at the right place in the right time to save a life.

When he started going to annual first-aid training for his job, he didn’t expect these skills to be used so often throughout his life.

His message to people thinking about becoming first aiders: “You don’t think you’ll need it until one day you do - get the training before you need to use it".


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"Don’t wait for a tragic event to happen to get trained to save a life. It is very easy to learn"



Kate Robb is a Registered Nurse with over 39 years of experience, describing herself as having a basic need to help people.

As a Critical Care Nurse, Kate is familiar with responding to emergency situations.

However, Kate didn’t expect that on a family holiday she would have to render help to someone in need.


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