Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By purchasing goods or services from the New Zealand Resuscitation Council (‘us’/'we'/'our'), the customer (‘you’/'your') is deemed to accept these Terms and Conditions. We may amend these Terms and Conditions at any time.

The New Zealand Resuscitation Council Inc. is a New Zealand-owned business for trading and registration purposes.


Prices are in New Zealand dollars unless otherwise specified. Advertised prices may not include costs. Once invoiced, this is your final price, which includes freight, GST and any other taxes or duties.

Quotes are valid for 30 days and the final price may be subject to change depending on costs (e.g. freight).

Orders and payment

Orders can be made through our website or by contacting us. Website orders will be acknowledged with an order receipt for the transaction. We encourage you to keep this for your records.

We will advise you of your invoice details and payment can be made by direct payment to our bank account or by credit card at checkout. Orders that have not been paid within 30 days of invoice will be cancelled.

Payment must be received before goods are dispatched or services are delivered unless we have approved you as an Account Holder. Account Holders must purchase using a Purchase Order reference. All payments from Account Holders must be received by the twentieth of the month after the date of invoice. We reserve the right to recall unpaid goods after 60 days.

Credit card payment at checkout

We will neither collect nor store your credit card details. At checkout, you will be directed to use the credit card payment facilities provided by Payment Express. Payment Express makes the following statement on security:

Payment Express is committed to data security. Payment Express uses a variety of technologies and procedures to help protect personal information from unauthorised access, use or disclosure. For example, Payment Express stores the data in computer servers with limited access that are located in controlled facilities secured by the latest in surveillance and security technology. When Payment Express transmits sensitive information (such as a credit card numbers), Payment Express protects it through the use of encryption, such as the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. Credit card details stored onsite are encrypted using 168bit 3DES encryption. Payment Express is a level 1 certified PCI-DSS compliant provider.

You can read their full privacy policy.

Overdue invoices and queries

Interest at 5% of the cumulative total plus standard bank rates may be applied on overdue invoices. We may take whatever action necessary to recover debt on an overdue invoice. The debtor will be liable for any costs incurred in pursuing the debt.

If you have a query about your invoice or are advising us of a remit, send this to accounts@nzrc.org.nz. If you have a dispute in relation to any amount in an invoice please contact us immediately to discuss. We are not obliged to investigate a disputed amount if you do not notify us about it within 30 days.


Delivery of goods

Goods will be dispatched by courier to the address nominated by you within two working days of our confirming receipt of payment. You will pay for any costs associated with the delivery of goods (e.g. packaging, postage). We aim to deliver goods as fast as possible but please allow up to five working days for urban delivery or 10 working days for rural delivery. 

Delivery of services

Services will be delivered at a time specified by us. You will pay for any costs associated with the delivery of services (e.g. travel, accommodation). If we are unable to meet our obligations for supplying a service, such as in the event of postponement or cancellation, a full refund will be offered.

Cancellation and refund policy 

The cancellation and refund policy will be applied at our discretion.

If you cannot make your course booking due to unexpected circumstance please contact us immediately so that we can consider your situation.

Changes or rescheduling your course booking

If you reschedule within two weeks of the start of a course or assessment session on which you are booked, you will incur a change fee equal to 50% of the course or session fee.

A booking change within 48 hours of the course or assessment session will be treated as a cancellation.

No fee is payable if you reschedule more than two weeks in advance of the beginning of your course or assessment.

Course cancellations 

If you cancel within two weeks of the start of a course or assessment session on which you are booked, or if you change your booking within 48 of your course or assessment session, you will not be entitled to a refund.

No fee is payable if you cancel more than two weeks in advance of the beginning of your course or assessment.

Product return

Please choose your products carefully. We are not obliged to refund purchases after goods have been dispatched.

Risk and insurance

Risk and liability for damaged goods passes to you as soon as we confirm, or are able to confirm, that the goods have been dispatched to you.

Ownership of goods and services

We retain ownership of the goods or services provided until we have received full payment.

Liability and warranty

The Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 applies to the sale of goods or services to consumers. If the goods or services are acquired for a business then our liability is limited to the contract price.

We are not liable for any delay in delivering goods or supplying services to you, provided that we have met our obligations for delivery.