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Emergency Care Instructors

The New Zealand Resuscitation Council recognises that every person has the ability to save a life. An Emergency Care Instructor (ECI) is somebody who teaches first aid following the NZ Resuscitation guidelines, and may be able to provide unit standards for learners. An ECI is a teacher that you can trust to have accurate up-to-date information. Emergency Care Instructors provide top quality education, expertise, and professionalism.  


Entry Requirements 

All candidates must hold the current required New Zealand qualifications listed below. 

Alternatively, candidates need to demonstrate to the NZ Resuscitation Council that their overseas qualifications are current and recognised in New Zealand by their respective New Zealand professional registration body and/or NZQA.  

If you are interested in becoming an Emergency Care Instructor, click here to book your assessment. 


Current instructors requesting revalidation must provide proof of: 

  • a NZ Resuscitation Council ECI certificate issued no more than 15 months prior to the revalidation date (this includes a 3 month grace period)

New candidates requesting NZ Resuscitation Council ECI certification must provide proof of:

  • a current (within the last four years) Pre-Hospital Emergency Care (PHEC) certificate (Unit Standard 29321); and
  • Unit Standard 29322: Demonstrate knowledge of Emergency Response Systems in New Zealand; and
  • Unit Standard 29324: Demonstrate understanding of the use of common medications relevant to the emergency care first response context 


  • the New Zealand Certificate in Emergency Care (First Responder) 


  • a health professional qualification deemed appropriate by the NZ Resuscitation Council 



The pre-readings for the NZ Resuscitation Council ECI assessment are: 

To view the guidelines, click here. 

Allow yourself plenty of time to read the texts thoroughly before attending an assessment session. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our staff and they will be happy to point you in the right direction. 



A NZ Resuscitation Council ECI Assessment includes both written and practical components. 

The written assessment uses questions from prescribed pre-reading material. 

Examples of practical assessments include: 

  • Adult collapse 
  • Automated external defibrillation 
  • Child or infant collapse 
  • Other conditions that could be life-threatening 

To pass, a candidate must achieve a score of 80% in the written assessment, and pass all practical assessments.  

You will be asked to acknowledge our Instructor Code of Conduct and then we will issue your certificate. 

Candidates who pass the NZ Resuscitation Council ECI assessment may use the words “NZ Resuscitation Council Approved New Zealand Emergency Care Instructor” on certificates they issue as a provider of emergency care training, so long as their NZ Resuscitation Council ECI certificate is valid.  

If the candidate does not pass one or more components, they have up to six months in which to repeat that component of the assessment.  


Maintaining an ECI Certification

Our ECI certificate is valid for one year from the date of issue, please get in touch with us when this date approaches to book a recertification assessment session. 

If an instructor’s certification lapses outside of the recertification period, the candidate will need to resubmit evidence that they meet the current pre-entry criteria for new candidates.  

Candidates do not have to be NZQA accredited providers to sit the ECI assessment, however the ECI certificate is a requirement for providers who deliver NZQA first aid unit standards. 

For more details, see the NZQA Consent and Moderation Requirements for First Aid (CMR 0230).

Please contact us, if you have any issues. 


Fees and Bookings 

The fee to attend an NZ Resuscitation Council ECI assessment session is $230 (incl GST) 

For sessions from 1 July 2024 the fee will be $258.75 (incl GST)


Ready to book? 

NZ Resuscitation Council Emergency Care Instructor assessment sessions are given to groups of up to six people with a minimum of three required for a session to proceed. Please ensure you have read the pre-entry requirements and terms of conditions here. 

Please click here to view available sessions and book a place.