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CORE Advanced Instructor Training

The New Zealand Resuscitation Council trains CORE Advanced Instructors to provide CORE training to health professionals.

The CORE Advanced Instructor Course is a two-day course offered at CORE Advanced only. CORE Advanced instructors are also able to instruct CORE Immediate and CORE Skills.

Candidates are required to demonstrate satisfactory acquisition of theoretical knowledge and performance of simulated practical skills. The course is facilitated by a period of self-directed learning, attendance at a course of practical skill development, and formal assessment. The course also involves instruction and assessment of teaching of skill stations and scenarios.


Entry Requirements

To qualify for entry candidates must:

  • have a health professional background
  • have a current CORE Advanced Provider Course certificate (less than 12 months old) at the time of attending the CORE Advanced Instructor Course
  • be recommended by the Course Director who delivered the candidate's CORE provider course within four weeks of their attending that CORE provider course
  • have observed another CORE Advanced provider course within the previous six months
  • intend to be actively involved in teaching CORE in their work environment
  • be committed to meeting the ongoing requirements of being a CORE Advanced instructor.


Nomination Process

The process for nomination onto a CORE Advanced Instructor Course is as follows. Course bookings are accepted only when this process has been completed.

  1. A Course Director may nominate a candidate for attendance at an instructor course following the candidate’s successful completion of a CORE Advanced provider course.
  2. A CORE Advanced Instructor online nomination must be completed and submitted by the Course Director who delivered the candidate’s provider course.
  3. The nomination must be submitted within four weeks of the candidate’s successful completion of the provider course.
  4. The candidate will be asked to complete an online confirmation.
  5. Once the nomination is approved the candidate may then register for the next available CORE Advanced Instructor course. They will be required to observe a further CORE Advanced provider course prior to the Instructor weekend. The candidate's attendance must be confirmed by the Course Director submitting an online confirmation of observer attendance.


Course Information



The CORE Advanced Instructor Course is held at Waikato Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre, Peter Rothwell Academic Centre, Waikato Hospital, Hamilton. See map.




Two days, from 8.00am until 5.00pm. All candidates must attend both days.



26-27 November 2022 - wait list in place
10-11 December 2022 - wait list in place
18-19 March 2023 - please note this course is being held in Auckland

More dates to come



The fee for the CORE Advanced Instructor Course is $1,300.00 (GST exc.). It includes:

  • A copy of Resuscitation - A Guide for Advanced Rescuers (2016), 
  • A copy of Resuscitation and Emergency Care – A Teaching Guide.

Candidates are expected to read these before attending the CORE Advanced Instructor Course. Candidates should also refer to any updated guidelines.

All purchases of Goods and Services must adhere to our Terms and Conditions.


Attendance does not guarantee a candidate being offered certification as a CORE Advanced Instructor. Candidates are assessed throughout the course on their theoretical knowledge of resuscitation, attitude towards teaching, interest in resuscitation, confidence and abilities as a teacher, and support of the New Zealand Resuscitation Council’s educational philosophy.


After the Course

All candidates will be notified of their results within one week of completing the course and be asked to acknowledge the Instructor Code of Conduct. The NZ Resuscitation Council will then issue the candidate with their Instructor Certificate, and the candidate will be recognised as a CORE Advanced Instructor. 

Once the course is completed, successful candidates should be familiar with the Pathway to CORE Advanced Instructor Status.

New instructors are required to meet the ongoing requirements of being a CORE Advanced Instructor. During their first year as a CORE Advanced Instructor, candidates cannot fulfil the role of a CORE Course Director.

Candidates who are unsuccessful may be invited to register for a future course and pay full course fees.


For further information please contact us.